January 31, 2012

How to set "review posts and photos" option in your Facebook profile

                    As the usage of Facebook has enormously increased these days,at the same time the usage of applications in facebook has also been increased. There are several thousands of apps which include games and the other, which create images and tag the user and his/her friends in them, which looks quite embarassing some times.Most of the facebook users get irritated because of  the pics they get tagged in automatically that inturn appear on their  profiles(timeline).

So,the question is how to turn on the option to review posts and photos you're tagged in before they appear on your profile?

Here is the solution facebook has provided , which most of us haven't noticed still.Profile review, it allows you to review posts and photos you're tagged in before they go on your profile (timeline).

How to turn on profile review ?

->Click the account menu  at the top right of your Facebook profile(timeline).

->Now,choose privacy settings.

->And click on Manage How Tags Work.

->Edit the settings as shown in the image or set them to enabled mode.

That's it your Profile (Timeline) Review is set.

whenever you are tagged in a pic by your friends or nonfriends then it appears on your profile or timeline only when you approve it.
                             If you have Profile (Timeline) Review off, then tags from friends are automatically approved. And Whether you have Profile (Timeline) Review on or not, tags from nonfriends require your approval before they go on your profile (timeline).

Coming to the advantage of the review option..,

             whenever an organisation is considering you for a scholarship or a corporate company offering a job ,they're  going to monitor your profile for any questionable images or posts ,but because of the review option we are getting  into safer side and choosing what to  and what not to be on our timeline.

So,guys hurry up!! Activate the feature right now and make your profile(timeline) neat and decent looking.

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January 7, 2012

who am I ?

Hello people.,I'm Imran and this is my blog. 

I am a tech student who prefer to stay in the social world without any time limits,finds happiness in sharing and knowing things and finally making them easy to learn in own way again.,I basically am a music lover who knows tabla a little,my friends say am a pc addict,may be yes!they are right.I love comedy movies and movies with a nice message.I have a huge circle of friends where there is no scacrity of love and affection.
My hobbies are surfing the web,listening to music,reading novels,chatting with friends,solving sudoku puzzles,video editing,blogging for fun (My other blog),sleeping and last but not the least dreaming. Am emotional and stubborn sometimes.

And coming to the blog,i chose the url " knowiteasily".It says Knowing the things in easy way.here the things refer to any tech related topic.viz.,how to install operating system in your pc ? 

And after knowing,you get to implement 'em on your own easily,that's what the name of the blog " Make it Easy".

Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.
-Les Brown

That's it guyz,this is all about my first post which took almost a month to place it here from drafts.How ever i hope this is a good start.Let us interact through comments and in personal, if needed.will be back with my next post soon.

Have a great day fellas! Never lose a beautiful curve.. so called smile., on your face.
keep smiling alwayz. :-)