August 8, 2012

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How to become a Great Internet searcher ?

enhanced google search
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Google Search Engine is such a powerful tool( well I say a netizen's GOD ?) that makes our search fast and easy than anyone can even imagine.We never feel difficulty in searching the information using this.But,sometimes we end up at wrong place not getting the right information through the search results given we are unaware of the keywords that are to be used in the search.Therefore,Google has decided to provide a free online course letting us know the tricks and techniques that can make our searches accurate  to solve real,everyday problems.

The course is Power Searching with Google by Jedi Daniel Russel ,a senior Research scientist ,who explains the power advanced tools that help us to find the right information when the stakes are high.

the course details are :
  1. Six 50-minute classes.
  2. Closed captioned videos.
  3. Interactive activities to practice new skills.
  4. Upon passing the post-course assessment, a printable Certificate of Completion will be emailed to you.

you can register for the course here for free( Register here ).

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