February 21, 2012

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F.Lux - An Eye Protector

Hello guys how are you all :)?Am back with some interesting stuff though it's old,most of the netizens might not have heard it off.

This post is all about F.Lux,a light weight software which protects your eyes from strain due to the continuos light coming from your computer screen.During the day time we don't feel inconvinience even though we sit infront of our pcs or laptops for number of hours and look the screen continuosly. But in the evening or later itz horrible to gaze at screen for even few minutes. what say?Yes?why to get blinded by your computer screen ? why not install F.Lux and stay safe?

  • makes the colour of your computer display adapt to the time of day,warm at night and like sunlight during the day.
  • when the sunsets,f.lux automatically changes the colour of display look alike your indoor lights and again in the morning when sunrises ,it makes the things look normal.
  • You give it the place where you live and what kind of lighting you prefer to have on your display,F.lux will do the rest.
Download it here for free.

After the downloading and installing has completed,you have to adjust the settings in the application.A small icon appears at the bottom right of your screen( if you are using windows based operating system),on clicking(right clicking) it,you can view the interface of application.Click on change settings which is at the top right corner of the interface.

  → Now,adjust the brightness and type of colour you wish to see on screen during day/night time  by           simply dragging the small round buttons over there as shown in the image.
click on image to get better view

   → Next,to set your location,just click on the change button.

when you click on the change button,a new pop-up window appears which asks you to enter the Zip code of your city or your latitude and longitude.. 


If you don't know what's your exact latitude and longitudinal position,just enter the zip code and hit locate button,which inturn takes you to stereopsis.com website where it asks your city name,when you enter the name,it checks for your location and gives you the exact latitudinal and longitudinal position.It also provides the facilty to copy/cut it  which you can paste in the previously popped-up window.After that click Ok.That's it we are almost done.

→ The other option which is not so important is,the transistion speed which you can set it as fast/slow as you wish.

→ Last but not the least,an option to disable this app for an hour or more.This is useful 'cause when you need to work on photoshop or any other light based work,brightness/colour of the screen is all matters.So,mark this option when you like to disable and unmark it to enable.

 That's all about F.Lux mates.Though you can use anti glare cover over screen to protect your eyes,this is just an alternative when you are travelling.Or when you can't afford to purchase the anti glare cover,this software surely serves you the best.This app is also available for ipads and mobiles.visit this website for more info.

 So guyz why losing eye sight when we have this cool app.Hope you'll enjoy this software.Waiting for your replies.

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