February 29, 2012

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How to Save/Download Images from IMDb website (simple trick)


              IMDb ( Internet Movie Database ) is an online database of information related to movies,actors,television shows,production crew personnel,video games and fictional characters featured in visual entertainament media. It is also a place where you find High definiton images of your favourite celebrities in huge number.

Few people (like me) visit Imdb to view (and download) images rather than reading reviews of any movie or game.But unfortunatley,like most of the websites do, Imdb too disabled the right click option on images which inturn results disabling the image downloads,which is very hard to digest.Though you can download them using "save whole page " option in your browser but,the quality of image how ever reduces.Sometimes you may just get the thumbnails of images you needed.

     Whatever guyz,you need not to worry about all these ..'coz there is an alternative through which you can get Images of original quality from the website and this post is all about,

"How to Download Images from IMDb.com ?"                                                                   

It is a very simple trick and you feel the same when you get to know.

  • open IMDb website.
  • Type the name of actor/actress/fictional character/movie in the search box provided beside the logo of the site,which you wish to see and hit enter.
  • The search result provides you few links,among which you can choose your desired one.
  • Below the topic ,you will find few more links viz.,Photos,Videos,articles,full cast and crew and many more.
  • On clicking Photos,you'll be redirected to the page containing photos .And there you can have a thumbnail view of images(photos).Click on the Image you'd like to download.
  • Now,you'll be able to view enlarged image.(try to right click it...but you won't get a list of options which means it is disabled so that users can't download images from the website).
  • Press and hold Ctrl key and then press 'u' key( which means Ctrl U or Ctrl+u ),that takes you to newly opened tab where you can see bunch of code over there.Just ignore it.
  • Or,you can also try this by right clicking anywhere on the page except where image exists,and then choose "View page source" option which lands you on new tab containing huge code.
  • After that,search for  " .jpg "  in the page containing code which is done by pressing and holding  Ctrl key and then F key( Ctrl f or Ctrl +f  ) there in the search box provided at the top right of the page and then hit enter on keyboard.
  • The search result highlights the lines of code which consists ".jpg".
  • All you need is to scroll down to the 19th line of code (as the numbers are indicated on the very left side of each line of code) or simply check for the very first occuring ".jpg" result.
  • Click on that link ,which now opens a new window with your desired Image/ Photo perfectly with original Resolution that you can download with ease.I think you know how to download an image :) (smiling) if not, then just press ctrl + s,which saves the image on current page to your hard disk.
That's it guyz,wasn't that easy,downloading images from IMDb ?  Hope you liked it :) keep reading and  don't forget to share it in your streams :) 


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