February 9, 2012

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How to sort your mails in Gmail with simple steps

                  Hello friends,you would be spending major portion of the day organising and scheduling your plans  and might be busy with your time and trying not to waste a single second ...hope my post helps you to reduce the wastage of  valuable time while dealing with the mails.

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                                              Everyone with an email id gets number of mails by subscribing to kind of forums,blogs or even say facebook(notifications),
which may be very useful and important or sometimes may be useless .,  Locating your important mail from the hundreds or thousands of mails and reading it becomes a hard task. Also, the inbox will be filled with unsorted mails which sometimes may be left unread unknowingly.So to get rid of these overheads, Gmail has provided a facility to sort out (group)the mails by subject,sender etc..using filters.

steps to create labels using filters : (Updated)  

  • First of all open the mail for which you are going to create a filter.

  • Now,click the drop down menu which is located exactly beside the "reply"button and click on Filter messages like this.

  • A small new window opens showing the details of sender (mail) and at the bottom right you'll find an option saying create filter with this search , go click it.
click on image to get better view
    click on image to get better view
  •  The  window shows many options,just mark skip the inbox option and to create a new label mark Apply the label and there click on New label.It launches a small window asking you to name the label you are about to create. Name it and don't forget to mark "also apply the filter to matching messages".
  •  click on Create Filter. That's it, a filter of your desired mails is created with a label.

  • In the same way you can create many such filters which reduces your time to go through whole inbox.The created filters appear as shown in the image below.

And coming to advantages of these filters,you can not only empty your inbox safely  but also track useless mails that are to be ignored or deleted completely.

Isn't that easy to do ? Yes ?Keep reading and please do comment and share if possible :) 


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