March 23, 2012

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Facebook now allows Fullscreen view of images

             Though Facebook has been frequently updating and changing it's interface time to time,there is no such case where we can hardly find the users criticising zuckerberg.'coz  the way it looks and it's features has made 'em not to do so.  Recently, there is a remarkable change in the facebook's image viewing.Now,we are allowed to view the images full screen.

click on image for better view


                All you have to do is,just click on the image. It opens in a new dark background.At the top right corner of the image you can see the double sided arrow,when you hover your mouse pointer on it displays Full-screen mode.click it for the real or hd view of your image.And to get back to the normal view just press the escape button on your keyboard.

click on image for better view
             It can also be done in other way,click on the options button which is at the bottom of the image.A drop down list appears where several options are provided along with fullscreen option.click it and enjoy the image.


And this option works fine with the HD images thus making 'em more neat and clean to view.

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